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Das Team Consulting

"Das Team" Consulting is an educational consulting agency founded by graduates of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy and officially registered by the Public Service Center of Uzbekistan.
Das Team is a group of active young people who aim to implement new thoughts and ideas.
Over the last years, with the help of our agency, more than 500 students got the opportunity to study in foreign universities and participate in summer schools, work and travel programs.

Our clients might study in foreign universities in several countries, including:

- USA, Canada, Australia;
- Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia;
- Russian Federation;
-Turkey, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore.

Cooperation with universities in 20 countries has been established, and first of all, the high-quality and affordable education and opportunities for our clients to receive state grants have been set as the highest goal. You might also receive information about language courses and summer camps, international conferences, and practical assistance in obtaining them in "Das Team" Consulting.
Currently, "Das Team" Consulting is the leading and most reliable educational consulting agency in Uzbekistan in the field of the German Feriendjob program as well as studying in Turkey. The number of services we offer is increasing continuously and our team is expanding 

Considering the increasing demand to study abroad in our country, our agency tries to ensure the service quality and reliability along with all types of services. In case you have any questions or desire to study abroad, please contact us:

Ideas save the world, and we come with ideas!

Sincerely, Das Team.